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"Love is the foundation for
all acts of kindness and philanth

- The Love Tower At Ashah

On October 20, 2022 a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds and views came together to invite heart-centered people to amplify love and celebrate the grand project launch of The Love Tower At Ashah, a sacred monument of LOVE built for the world, by the world.


For the first time ever on this day, we unveiled the design of what is envisioned to be The 8th Wonder of the World.


143 Amplify Love will serve as a historical date in history, signifying the start of a mission towards uniting the world with LOVE.


To those individuals who celebrated with us, THANK YOU.

One Million Love Legacy The Love Tower.png

We are an organization that empowers people to create positive change in their own lives, communities, and the world through all expressions of LOVE.


Join us on our mission towards unifying humanity with a shared purpose: LOVE.

A special honor and heart-filled thank you

to our artists & generous event sponsors:


Artists & Performers


DJ Angel VibePill

Jason Lee, Art God - Live Art Performance

Adrián Núñez - Sound Bath Experience

Tito Herrera - Violinist

Hope Easton - Cellist


Honorary Event Sponsors

MOOR SPA, Elae Durrant

Home Builders Financial, Zack Kelly

THEORIA, Phillip White

MOOR SPA, Michael Beresford

MAYWEATHER Boxing + Fitness, Burrel Wilks

Vitality Alchemy, Lan Lu

Omni, Tony Lam

BEMER, Judy Laufer & Todd Phelan

Sacred Love Water, Ashley Frey

Sacred Legacy, Sissy Lee

Multitasky, Julia Xu

RPF Holdings Inc, Rene Figueroa

Join The One Million
Love Legacy

We invite you to become the first One Million people from all walks of life to help build The Love Tower At Ashah by reserving a space for your name, or a loved one's name to be artfully engraved within the tower – displayed for present and future generations to see.

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