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The Love Tower Model_edited.jpg

The Love Tower at Ashah is envisioned as a stunning architectural marvel, drawing inspiration from the pure and spiritual beauty of a white rose in bloom. This symbol of purity and innocence is at the heart of our design, creating a deep emotional connection and embodying the essence of unadulterated love.

Our approach to building this tower is deeply rooted in sustainability and environmental responsibility. We are committed to using eco-friendly materials and methods in our construction, focusing on the health and longevity of our planet and its inhabitants. Review our commitment to sustainability.

A unique feature of our design is the incorporation of over a million individual engravings from people around the world, creating a diverse and united tapestry of love and hope. These messages of affection and kindness reflect our vision of a world bound together by compassion.

The Love Tower is designed to be more than just a structure; it is intended to be a lasting symbol of love and unity for generations to come, a monument that transcends time.

We are thrilled to present our initial concept image, capturing the spirit of our vision. As we progress in this exciting venture, we look forward to keeping you informed and engaged every step of the way.

the love tower sketch.PNG




210 ft high

The Love Tower At Asha will be an 8-story building will overlook the gorgeous bay of the island in Puerto Rico.


Balconies Representing SEpAls

Like a bloomed flower, the structure's sepals lay open expanding the space as balconies that support grounding, connection, and growth.


Crescent Moon

A symbolic gateway stands at the entrance to this sacred monument, epitomizing love as a guiding light that illuminates our journey.


Unique Water Installation

This beautiful water installation will flow between the double helix staircase, down the center of the tower, and gently over a magnificent rose quartz, symbolizing love. 


White Rose

The design concept mirrors a "White Rose," symbolizing unity, purity, and inclusion, to emphasize a profound sense of security and universal love.

First concept image - 2022

Kristine Vowles.jpg

Our designer

Kristine Vowles, an award-winning luxury interior designer, is the designer of The Love Tower At Ashah. She has intentionally created our first design concept with love, integrity, and innovation that embodies the essence of our vision. This beautiful, unique monument will be a timeless blend of ancient and modern, sustainably-focused, and a sacred home for all.

The white rose is a symbol of purity, innocence, and new beginnings. It reminds us to see the world through a lens of purity, to embrace new beginnings, and to never lose hope. Let us embody its beauty, grace, and purity, and make the world a brighter and more inspiring place.

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Our Pledge to Sustainability


At the Love Tower at Ashah, we are deeply committed to creating a monument that not only symbolizes love and unity but also exemplifies our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Here's how we are making this commitment a reality:

Eco-Certifications and Partnerships – Our Future Path: We are in the planning stages to pursue LEED certification, aiming to align with the highest environmental standards in the construction of the Love Tower at Ashah. Our intention to forge partnerships with leading sustainable organizations is a step towards solidifying our commitment to environmental stewardship. This proactive approach underlines our dedication to making the Love Tower a paragon of sustainable design and construction.

Transparent Material Sourcing: We believe in complete transparency. That's why we're sharing detailed information about our eco-friendly materials, sourced ethically and locally whenever possible, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting our community.

Energy Efficiency at its Core: Our tower will harness renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. We're integrating cutting-edge technology for energy efficiency, from lighting to heating, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Innovative Water Conservation: We're implementing advanced water conservation strategies, including rainwater harvesting and water recycling systems, to ensure every drop is used judiciously.

Waste Reduction Strategy: Our construction process is designed to minimize waste. We're recycling materials, using prefabricated components, and ensuring responsible disposal of waste, setting a new standard in sustainable construction.

Sustainable Construction Practices: Our approach to building respects and preserves the natural environment. We're committed to minimizing land disruption and using environmentally friendly construction methods.

Stay Updated with Our Journey: We believe in transparency and regular communication. Stay updated with our sustainability journey through our website and social media platforms, where we'll share regular progress and insights.

Community Engagement: We're not just building a tower; we're nurturing a community. Join us in our educational initiatives on sustainability, workshops, and events that foster a deeper understanding of environmental responsibility.

Supporting Eco-friendly Transportation: We're making our tower accessible to eco-friendly transportation with facilities for bicycles, electric vehicles, and easy access to public transport.

Preparation for Sustainable Expertise: As we gear up for construction, we are in the process of engaging with sustainability experts and environmental consultants. Their upcoming involvement will ensure that every aspect of the Love Tower aligns with our deep commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable innovation.

We invite you to be part of this groundbreaking journey. Join us in building a legacy that stands tall not just as a monument of love, but as a beacon of sustainable innovation.

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