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Meet the Team.

Entrepreneurs, Designers, and Dreamers bonded through our shared belief in the importance of love and human virtues and how it directly affects the world in which we live.


Rene Figueroa


Founding Team | Tower Development Officer

René P. Figueroa is a seasoned professional with 30 years of experience in project development, design, management, and operations. Leading projects promoting sustainable and renewable energy. René has successfully led various projects in multiple industries, including telecommunications, sound and audio technologies, electrical systems. René values empowerment and growth and believes our actions today shape our tomorrow.


Ashley Frey


Founding Team | Strategic Partnership Officer


Ashley Frey is a successful entrepreneur and creative force known for her captivating designs that embody spirituality and self-discovery. As Strategic Partnership Officer for The Love Tower at Ashah, she is dedicated to spreading love, joy, and positivity. Ashley is a seeker, adventurer, and visionary with a keen eye for beauty, infusing her work with wonder and awe. She believes in the transformative power of love and seeks to inspire others to live authentically and with purpose.


Michael "Shungunna" Resurreccion

Founding Team | Executive Director

Michael Resurreccion is a dynamic Business Strategist, former competitive martial artist, bboy and dedicated family man. With over a decade of experience, he has established himself as a trusted expert in social media marketing strategies, private consulting, and business coaching. Michael has worked with a diverse range of clients, providing them with clarity, direction, and speed to achieve their goals. Beyond his professional work, Michael is deeply committed to being a catalyst for positive change in humanity.


Sissy Lee


Founding Team | Service and Programs Officer

Sissy Lee is an experienced professional with diverse skills in corporate, entrepreneurial, and philanthropic work. She began her career at Bank of America and later gained extensive knowledge in investing and buying companies. However, she shifted her focus to philanthropy and passion projects and joined Love My Neighbor Foundation in Los Angeles to serve the homeless and underprivileged community. She then co-founded The Love Tower At Ashah, a non-profit dedicated to serving the community, where she serves as Director of Programs

Erin Res Headshot White Background_edite

Erin Resurreccion


Founding Team | Operations Officer

Erin is a dedicated philanthropist and strategist with a passion for wellness and social impact organizations. Her commitment to nonprofit work and managing communications for international clients has allowed her to make a positive impact. Erin's passion for holistic wellness and meditation led her to The Love Tower At Ashah project, where she can combine her professional experience and life passions to amplify global impact. She is deeply honored to serve at such a high level and is committed to succeeding in the mission of this project.




Kelly Hackett


Founding Team | Music Director

Kelly is a talented food chemist and confectionary formulator who obtained his Bachelors of Business Administration in Food Service Management from the Culinary Institute of America in New York in 2016. He has gained invaluable experience as a Sous Chef and line cook, creating unique and visually appealing confectionary products that are also scientifically sound. In addition to his culinary skills, Kelly is a gifted musician who enjoys discovering music that caters to diverse audiences and enjoys painting and ceramics in his free time. He is a driven and passionate individual committed to making a positive impact on the world


Crystal Chao

Founding Team | Financial Officer

Crystal is a visionary entrepreneur and investor with extensive experience in finance and real estate. She started college at the age of 16 and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Finance. Her financial acumen has enabled her to navigate complex markets, identify lucrative opportunities, and make savvy investments. Currently, Crystal owns and manages multiple businesses and is a sought-after mentor and advisor in the business community. Her keen eye for emerging trends and investment opportunities has helped countless entrepreneurs achieve their goals and realize their full potential.


Jamar Spicer


Founding Team | Marketing Officer


Jamar is a former Buddhist monk and dynamic entrepreneur with extensive experience in technology solutions. He is also a certified Pranic Healer with over a decade of experience, bringing an unparalleled level of knowledge and expertise in natural energy to promote healing and personal growth. He is also the creator of the Music Enhanced Heart Meditation, a groundbreaking program that combines classical music and meditation to promote healing and personal growth.


Kristine Vowles


Founding Team | Tower Design Officer

Kristine Vowles is an award-winning designer and founder of The Luxury Look. With over 35 years of experience in real estate, she listens to her clients' visions and designs every project with intention. Her latest and largest project is The Love Tower at Ashah. Kristine serves on the advisory board at the University of Irvine and as Director of Concierges for Her expertise has been featured in notable publications, including Elle Décor, Phoenix Home & Garden, Scottsdale Homeowner, and ByDesign Magazines, as well as in other media. Kristine's strengths include her vast experience in real estate, her ability to listen to clients, and her commitment to excellence.


Ania Kubicki


Founding Team PR Officer

A community activist, seasoned PR pro and entrepreneur, Ania heads up campaigns that shine spotlight on positive people and empowering causes.  Her passion for our planet, combined with genuine care about humanity and our future is the driving force behind her work.  A leader of multiple organizations, supporter of the arts, education and entrepreneurship, she travels frequently to build authentic connections, share inspired ideas and create unity.  She also finds four-leaf clovers wherever she goes.


Dr. Laura Witte


Founding Team Programs/Admin

Laura Witte is a highly educated and experienced healthcare provider, business owner, educator, and administrator. She has completed a Physician Associate program, a Master's degree in Physical Medicine and Pain Management, and a Ph.D. in Health Sciences with a concentration in Healthcare Administration. She has been teaching healthcare providers and healthcare faculty since 2005, specializing in Evidenced-Based Medicine, Healthcare Administration, and Healthcare Management. Dr. Witte has extensive experience in the wellness industry, assisting clients with non-pharmacologic intervention to improve pain, stress, and sleep..


Dan Hildebrand


Founding Team

Dan is a North London-born actor who later pursued dome design in the US. He obtained three certifications in designing Monolithic and Eco-shell domes in 2002 and has worked on various projects worldwide. Dan is also committed to philanthropic efforts and has raised funds and constructed a large orphanage in Haiti. He is actively involved in bringing new products and innovative construction methodologies to improve the world through sustainable design and philanthropy.


Bao Trinh


Founding Team/Programs

Bao Trinh is a multi-talented individual who has made significant contributions to the arts, spirituality, and entertainment industry. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Art Center College of Design, worked on Rugrats and Family Guy, and pursued training as a spiritual healer. Bao's unique combination of artistic talent, spiritual insight, and storytelling skills makes him a valuable contributor to multiple industries, inspiring and motivating others through his work.


Debi Peltola-Salmons


Founding Team

An entrepreneur, coach, and speaker passionate about personal growth and mindset. She managed restaurants and retail stores while running various businesses. Caring for her terminally ill parents deepened her understanding of love and led to her involvement in the 12 Step community. Today, she focuses on coaching, mentoring, and speaking to empower others in personal growth and self-love. Her work led her to The Love Tower project, aligning with her life's purpose. Debi plans to continue her journey of love and transformation.

Mychal Prieto_edited_edited.png

Mychal Prieto


Founding Team

Mychal is a certified Strong First instructor (SFG) & 200+ hour Holistic Yoga Flow instructor. Mychal has been the personal trainer & yoga instructor of Jane Fonda, Lilly Tomlin, Banks, and more. "Love is the most powerful force in the entire Universe, and I believe that as more of humanity remembers this fact, the more happiness, joy, and peace we will all co-exist with, sooner rather than later."


Elae Durrant


Founding Team

Deb Durrant, also known as Elae, is an accomplished entrepreneur and mother of five who started her education path in physical therapy before transitioning to massage therapy in 1998. She spent more than a decade working in various massage therapy environments before taking a break and remaining licensed during the period of 2010 to 2023. In January 2023, she fulfilled a lifelong dream of owning a day spa, Moor Spa Hilton Head. Deb now serves as the VP of Sales and Marketing for a custom homebuilding company that she and her husband own and operate. As a foundational team member of The Love Tower at Ashah, she is called to create healing environments for wellness and believes that positive energy starts with each individual and can transcend to the farthest reaches of the universe.


Adrian Nunez

Founding Team

Adrián Núñez is a Puerto Rican-born humanitarian, entrepreneur, and artist. He starred in the Netflix film "Yucatán" in 2018 and returned to Puerto Rico in 2019 to focus on serving the island through sound healing, community building, and curating experiences in the arts, wellness, and nonprofit spaces. He is a renowned sound healer, with experience facilitating sound therapy for Veterans and music for those affected by natural disasters. Adrián is also interested in movement, storytelling, sound alchemy, and creative direction and consulting. He is committed to amplifying the frequency of love through his work in Puerto Rico.


Elisha Valentine


Founding Team

Elisha is a highly accomplished individual with over three decades of experience in childcare and education. She successfully launched a childcare program and received funding for a California Title 5 educational subcontract. As Chairwoman of Theoria Technical College, she ensures that it remains at the forefront of early childhood education and care. Elisha's passion for advocating for children's rights has led her to pursue a degree in Law. She is committed to promoting cultural continuity, tolerance, and ending intergenerational poverty. Her strengths include her extensive experience in childcare and education, her dedication to advocacy for children's rights, and her commitment to promoting cultural continuity and ending poverty.

Untitled design_edited.jpg

  Billy Salmons  


Founding Team

Billy Salmons underwent a "Divine Intervention" at 22, which transformed his life. He established a successful career in the wireless industry, but a diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease forced him to retire and embrace personal growth. Billy lives by two essential rules: to love unconditionally and to find joy in everything we do. His remarkable journey leaves a lasting impact on those around him.


Phillip White


Founding Team

Phillip White is the CEO and co-founder of Theoria Technical College, who is passionate about promoting and sustaining a quality program focused on student outcomes, industry improvements, and early childhood education. He is a visionary leader who takes pride in his students' success and is committed to their welfare and achievement. Mr. White oversees the college's overall operations, leads administrative staff, and plans and implements revenue and growth strategies. He is also involved in real estate investment, angel investments, and counseling sailors transitioning from military careers to civilian opportunities. His dedication to excellence and innovation drives his success in both his professional and personal endeavors.

Garrett Hoyos_edited.jpg

Garrett Hoyos


Visual Design Team

Garrett Hoyos is a visual artist who uses cutting edge art and VJ technology in his live shows as a creative storyteller. He aims to illuminate the path to creative enlightenment and has a background in computer animation, having mentored under big names in the industry. He has worked on iconic projects such as Star Wars Episode 7, Ben-Hur Chariot Race, and The Peanuts Movie. He uses flow science and interactive art to help groups achieve a flow state. He is the founder of Flow City and enjoys witnessing unplanned creative collaborations to improve the world.

Untitled design (1)_edited.jpg

Aidan Uttinger


Founding Team

Aidan Uttinger is a passionate serial entrepreneur who founded global brands to create meaningful change through business. He believes in the power of love and is committed to lifting 1 million people out of poverty by 2030 by creating a new economy based on love. He is deeply involved in the Love Tower at Ashah project, which represents his mission of love, kindness, and making the world a better place. Aidan is also passionate about travel, experiencing new cultures, and spreading kindness and love wherever he goes.

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