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Love Rising
Love Rising Festival
Love Rising Festival
Oct 19, 2024, 11:00 AM – Oct 20, 2024, 11:00 PM
Private Citrus Oasis 1hr East of L.A

Love Rising is an extraordinary festival with a profound purpose: to ignite a revolution of love and unity while raising funds for The Love Tower at Ashah, a 501(c3) nonprofit organization. Ten percent of the funds will be donated to another organization deeply invested in our planet's wellbeing

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Love is the foundation for
all acts of kindness & philanthropy

Due to the current state of the world, from the effects of the pandemic, political unrest, and the rise of cultural conflicts - we live in a world divided by differences.To counter greater division, we are sharing the message of choosing love over everything to unite humanity with a shared purpose: LOVE.The Love Tower at Ashah is the first monument of its kind and will be a physical representation of our world where unconditional love is the main focus.

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The 8th Wonder of the World

The Love Tower At Ashah will be a sacred monument of LOVE which serves as a symbolic reminder for humanity to choose love over everything.

The envisioned Love Tower at Ashah, perched on a picturesque hilltop in Puerto Rico, harmonizes with nature through eco-friendly methods. This enchanting space, overlooking the ocean and tropical landscapes, invites tranquility and renewal. Featuring a garden, library, herbal apothecary, healing sanctuary, arts, crafts, and a unique amphitheater, it embraces sustainability for a truly serene experience.

This sacred space hosts the Music-Enhanced Heart Meditation Experience and Programs, offering a global sanctuary for individuals to embrace and nurture love through the transformative synergy of music, art, dance, and meditation.

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Los Angeles Activation Event 

Join us in building The Love Tower At Ashah by reserving a space for your name or a loved one's name to be exquisitely engraved within its walls. This is your chance to leave a lasting mark, a symbol of love and unity that will be admired by present and future generations.

Embrace this remarkable opportunity to be part of history. Secure your place today and let your name shine as a testament to the love and connection that binds us all.

Reserve your spot now and make your mark on The Love Tower At Ashah. Together, we build a legacy that lasts forever.

Become the One Million

The Music Enhanced Heart Meditation

Unleash the transformative potential of harmony with our Music-Enhanced Heart Meditation experience – a unique blend of mindful guidance, relaxation techniques, and the profound power of classical music, designed to immerse you in a state of tranquil serenity.  This program promises a holistic wellness experience that goes beyond conventional mindfulness practices.


In a world filled with stress and distraction, our Music-Enhanced Heart Meditation anchors you in the heart's wisdom, fostering emotional well-being and self-discovery. Leveraging the resonance of 528 Hz, theta waves, binaural beats, and neo-classical music, we create an emotionally charged, immersive experience that promotes stillness and inner wisdom.

Music Enhanced Heart Meditation
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Empowering Children for a Brighter Future

At The Love Tower at Ashah, we prioritize the emotional well-being, mindfulness, and creativity of children. Our specialized programs are designed to address the unique needs of children, equipping them with essential tools for personal growth. In an increasingly stressful world, our programs help children manage their emotions, develop self-awareness, and build resilience. By fostering creativity, we empower children to become innovative and empathetic leaders.


Join us on this transformative journey as we shape a brighter future together. Learn More about our Children's Programs >

world peace initiative

We've witnessed throughout history the challenges and struggles caused by division and discord, and we've seen this continue into the 21st century. As we embark on this journey, we are witnessing the dawn of a new era where the power of water, a fundamental element connecting all life on Earth, can be amplified by positive collective intentions.


Scientific evidence suggests that positive intentions and vibrations can have a tangible impact on our physical world. The Love Tower At Ashah's 8-story high, double helix waterfall flowing through its center is one of its most important features, energized by the loving intentions of people worldwide. This water feature, along with the Love Tower, serves to elevate the collective vibration of our world and promote healing.


The Love Tower project can stand as a symbol of hope and a new era of love and unity, where people come together to amplify positive intentions and promote healing.


We invite all disciples of love to join us in creating a world where everyone is welcom and cherished. Together, we can embrace the transformative power of love and unity and elevate the consciousness of humanity. The Love Tower At Ashah is our home, and we welcome you to be a part of this movement.

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