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Our Programs

Our organization is dedicated to amplifying love in people through music, art, dance, and meditation. We believe that by connecting with our innate creativity and inner wisdom, we can unlock the potential for greater love, compassion, and joy in ourselves and others.

Our programs are designed to empower individuals of all ages with the tools for personal and collective transformation. We offer programs both online and in-person for children, adults, and all communities, with the aim of creating a lasting change in each individual's life and making a positive impact for generations to come.


Children's Programs

At The Love Tower at Ashah, we understand that children also need support in cultivating emotional well-being, mindfulness, and creativity. That's why we offer specific programs designed just for them. Programs designed for children that promote emotional well-being, mindfulness, and creativity are essential for a better future. Children face increasing levels of stress and anxiety, and these programs provide them with the tools and practices needed to manage their emotions and develop self-awareness. Additionally, by fostering creativity and self-expression, children can develop the confidence needed to become the next generation of innovative and empathetic leaders.

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Music Enhanced
Heart Meditation

This offering blends live or recorded music with guided meditations and visualizations to enhance the feelings of love, compassion, and connection.

Sound Therapy

A partnership with local practitioners to offer sound healing, meditation, and breathwork sessions that promote relaxation, reduce stress, and strengthen mind-heart coherence.

Creative Healing Arts & Body Movement 

Classes that combine mindful music, art, and movement to help people connect with their inner creativity and love.

Get Involved

If you are passionate about promoting emotional and physical well-being and are looking to make a positive impact in the world, we invite you to join us at The Love Tower at Ashah. We welcome volunteers and practitioners of all ages and backgrounds to join our community and contribute their skills and expertise to our programs.

Whether you are a meditation teacher, musician, artist, or simply someone who wants to make a difference, we believe that everyone has something valuable to offer. By working together, we can create a culture of love, creativity, and inner peace that extends beyond our walls and into the wider world.  > Contact Us

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Program updates

Our mission is to create a world where love is the foundation for all acts of good and philanthropy. Sign up today to stay informed about our upcoming in-person and online events and programs, and discover the power of love and mindfulness in your life. Let's create a world filled with greater love, compassion, and joy together.

The Love Tower

Welcome to our exclusive meditation library! We're thrilled to offer you access to a diverse range of heart-enhanced meditations and relaxation practices. These resources are designed to help you cultivate inner wisdom, peace, and tranquility, and we hope they inspire and support your journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

We invite you to take a moment to sign up and explore the transformative power of our meditation library. By incorporating mindfulness practices into your daily routine, you can unlock your potential for greater love, compassion, and joy in your life. Join us on this journey towards greater self-awareness and personal transformation.

Join The One Million
Love Legacy

We invite you to become the first One Million people from all walks of life to help build The Love Tower At Ashah by reserving a space for your name, or a loved one's name to be artfully engraved within the tower – displayed for present and future generations to see.

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