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The Love Tower At Ashah is a sacred monument built for the world, by the world. We invite you to be among the first million people to have your name or a loved one's name lovingly engraved on the inside walls of The Love Tower At Ashah.

Name Engravings will be added to The Love Tower At Ashah during the construction process in the upcoming years.


You may reserve a Name Engraving

  • for yourself

  • your loved ones

  • your family surname

  • your pet(s)

  • a business name

  • another name you would like to honor

create an everlasting tribute to their legacy


At The Love Tower, you have the opportunity to dedicate a name engraving to a loved one in your life. This will create a lasting tribute to their legacy, and show the enduring impact they have had on you. Engraving their name on the tower's walls means that you will be a part of a significant monument, inspiring generations to come.

Your donation will make a meaningful contribution to humanity, demonstrating your unwavering commitment to cultivating love and compassion in the world. By joining us in creating a legacy of love and compassion, you will be leaving a mark that will resonate for eternity.

Each name engraving may be reserved for a donation of $143.

Reserve An Engraving

The Love Tower At Ashah

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