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The Love Tower Model_edited.jpg

The Love Tower At Ashah will be a sacred monument of LOVE which serves as a symbolic reminder for humanity to choose love over everything. It will be an everlasting legacy for future generations, a beacon of light, hope and love. 

The project will have many unique features and amenities on site, but the most significant of them all will be the Love Tower itself. The interior of the building is going to be lovingly wrapped with over a million engravings from people all around the world. Each engraving represents a personal message of hope, remembrance, dedication, or expression of love, reinforcing our vision of a world bound together by compassion and kindness.

We are proud to share with you our first conceptual image, which embodies the essence of our vision. As we move forward with this project, we hope you will continue to follow us for updates on our progress and invite you to be a part of this incredible journey of The Love Tower at Ashah.

the love tower sketch.PNG




210 ft high

The Love Tower At Asha will be an 8-story building will overlook the gorgeous bay of the island in Puerto Rico.


Balconies Representing SEpAls

Like a bloomed flower, the structure's sepals lay open expanding the space as balconies that support grounding, connection, and growth.


Crescent Moon

A symbolic gateway marking the entrance to the sacred monument, representing enlightenment as a beacon of light illuminating our path.


Unique Water Installation

This beautiful water installation will flow between the double helix staircase, down the center of the tower, and gently over a magnificent rose quartz imbued with love.


White Rose

The design concept resembles a “White Rose”, representing unity, purity, and inclusion to highlight the deep sense of security and love for all.

First concept image - 2022

Kristine Vowles.jpg

Our designer

Kristine Vowles, an award-winning luxury interior designer, is the designer of The Love Tower At Ashah. She has intentionally created our first design concept with love, integrity, and innovation that embodies the essence of our vision. This beautiful, unique monument will be a timeless blend of ancient and modern, sustainably-focused, and a sacred home for all.

The white rose is a symbol of purity, innocence, and new beginnings. It reminds us to see the world through a lens of purity, to embrace new beginnings, and to never lose hope. Let us embody its beauty, grace, and purity, and make the world a brighter and more inspiring place.

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water bearer the love tower

LOVE-infused water 

The Love Tower At Ashah will be a sacred home for all, inspiring a new era of love and unity. Within the awe-inspiring structure, a stunning water feature will cascade down the center of a double helix staircase gently over a magnificient rose quartz crystal imbued with the power of love and compassion. 

Every drop of water falling through the interior of the building is amplified with the loving intentions of people worldwide. It will creating a beautiful and harmonious blend of natural elements and positive vibrations. 

The water feature's journey concludes as it gracefully tumbles into a magnificent, circular reservoir located on the ground floor, serving as a symbol of the boundless abundance of universal love and infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

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