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Oct 19-20, 2024


Thank you for considering to contribute to Love Rising as a press partner! Your support is key to creating a truly special experience. We invite you to apply below to share about your brand and possibilities at Love Rising! We'll be reviewing all applications in the upcoming weeks and will reach out to you promptly via email. 

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A Music Festival Igniting Personal and Global Transformation Through Heartfelt Expressions of Love

Experience two transformative days in Southern California, immersing yourself in rejuvenating guided yoga, unique vendor finds, delightful eats, and special activations—an enriching start to your journey.


As the day unfolds, empower personal and collective growth with impactful afternoon activities featuring influential speakers dedicated to inspiring and elevating your spirit.

The experience reaches new heights within The Love Tower At Ashah's signature program, 'The Music Enhanced Heart Meditation.' This transcendent orchestral performance serves as an unparalleled live showcase, guiding you into the depths of your own heart.

As night falls, immerse yourself throughout in the enchanting realm of love through live performances by acclaimed artists spanning diverse genres.

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