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Your Community is Invited

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Your Community
is Invited

The Love Tower at Ashah invites you to join the Love Rising Festival in Fall 2024 at a private citrus oasis in southern California. This transformative music and arts festival aims to foster unity and celebrate diversity through powerful performances, influential speakers, and unique experiences like the Music Enhanced Heart Meditation.


to Your Community 

  • Discount Code: Your community will receive a unique QR code with a discount for festival tickets, providing special savings.

  • Revenue Sharing: You'll earn 10% of ticket sales generated through your community’s use of the discount code.

  • Exclusive Lounge Space: ( optional ) Your members will have a dedicated 16x16 area to gather, enhancing community engagement and networking opportunities.  ( tents are available for a fee )


This partnership supports our shared values of unity and diversity:

  • Amplify Unity: Unite diverse communities in celebrating love and compassion.

  • Celebrate Diversity: Showcase your community's cultural contributions, promoting inclusivity.

  • Enhance Visibility: Community logo featured as a partner. Increase exposure for both your community and the Love Tower at Ashah, reaching a wider audience committed to positive change.

Accept Invitation
by Completing Registrati

Limited Tents available.


Tent reservations are optional. If you choose to reserve a tent, please note that it includes only the tent itself and string lights.


  • You are responsible for providing rugs, pillows, and decor to personalize your space. All decorations must adhere to the guidelines: use whites and neutral tones, and you may bring floor tables, pillows, rugs, and planters.


  • Cooking equipment, candles, and hazardous items are not permitted.

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We will be in touch with next steps!

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